Words cannot express how happy my husband and I are

Chanel with Always Images Photography has been my family's go-to girl for family photos in the past so it was no doubt in our minds as to who would do our wedding photos. For our wedding, I did not have to worry about her being on time because before I even had a chance to start getting ready, she had already been there taking pictures. At that point I thought nothing else about photos. But when I got my photos back from her, I never realized how many moments she had actually captured! Not only did she do several poses with us and the wedding party after the wedding, she also caught every important moment during the ceremony and during the reception that we never knew about. She never stopped us to pose for anything, she managed to get everything we wanted plus more, during all of the action. Words cannot express how happy my husband and I are with the service we received from Always Images Photography. The quality of the pictures are excellent, the prices are not even comparable to others and the service is unmatched. - La'Tiela