Louisville KY - Best Photo Booth Rental

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Always Images Family Photography LLC now offers photo booth rentals for our customers. Whether it you’re planning a shower, birthday party, anniversary, school function, corporate gathering, wedding, concert or grand opening, we have you covered with photo booth rentals!

Unlike a traditional photo booth where you have to squeeze people in a tiny, curtained and cramped space, Always Images uses what is called an “open air” booth. This type of booth is completely open with no walls, curtains or other structures to restrict the picture-taking space. Instead of only getting a couple of people in a picture at a time, you can get many people in one shot with an open air booth and pose in much more flattering stances. These booths also allow for comfort, fun and more natural shots than traditional photo booths, giving you and your friends beautiful photos to look back on.

Join us as we explore this new aspect of wedding and party entertainment – we’re excited, and hope you are too! Find out more about photo booth availability, or contact us today for more information on renting a photo booth for your next occasion!

Chanel Nicole